New Year in Advertising

A New Year In Advertising


It’s A New Year In Advertising. What will this year bring? If we look back to 2007, we find an advertising environment where cable and tv advertising was tops in spending. Leaving internet, digital, radio, and outdoor fighting for the remainder of ad budgets. Then along comes the smart phone. In 2007, Apple changed the world with the release of the IPhone. All of a sudden new apps are being created. Apps which are built for gaming, productivity, social media and more. You have the break out hits like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Farmville, and others. becomes a billion dollar IPO built on the success of Candy Crush. Now advertisers can reach consumers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Consumers who would download apps, play games, increase their productivity and more. Advertisers could show a pop-up ad or video ad direct on a small screen that fit in the palm of the consumers hand. Slowly advertisers and marketing departments started shifting their budgets towards the new digital platform. Fast forward to 2017 and for the first time ever the spending on digital advertising accounts for more in annual ad spending than TV.


So it is 2018, how will the landscape change again? Well we have examined the trends, and come up with our 2018 predictions.

Our 2018 Predictions:

  1.  Increased Mobile Spending
  2. Increases in geo tracking and geo fencing advertising
  3. Increase in VOD spending
  4. Decrease in national TV spending
  5. Increase in local cable advertising
  6. Decrease in local network TV advertising
  7. Decrease in 2018 football ad rates
  8. Loss of a million viewers from previous years NFL Super Game in February over last year viewers
  9. Increase in NASCAR, NBA, NCAA and MLS ad spending
  10. More viewing options for NASCAR, NBA and MLS
  11. Decrease in live viewing, Increase in 7 day+ viewing except Sports and News
  12. More Newspapers  and magazines quit printing and convert to full 100% online content
  13. Disney deal being held up in Congress as too many properties will be controlled by a single media company.
  14. Loss of revenue for Facebook as new changes are instituted to help increase revenue and a new social media site that will start the mass exodus from Facebook.
  15. Increased use of media placement services and advertising agencies as new media is created and the landscape becomes more confusing.

These are some of our predictions. They are based on the information we have and current trends in the media. It doesn’t mean that all of this will come true, but it will be nice to look back at the end of the year and see what we got right. If you have predictions, let us know. you can email us in the contact section or leave a messages on our social media sites. We look forward to a great year of helping our customer’s business grow. If you aren’t a customer yet, become one. We are here to help.