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Our story begins just one month after September 11, 2001.

In November 2001, Media Atlantic was founded with the goal of providing small and medium size businesses with agency assistance. In the early days of the internet there were few companies that offered this service online. The ownership of Media Atlantic, believed that their primary purpose was to offer their experience without bias when creating advertising campaigns. They knew the experience they had amassed, would assist their clients in reaching their advertising goals. As one of the first online media buyers to offer the opportunity to advertise anywhere in the United States, Media Atlantic started receiving large amounts of inquiries. However, most inquiries were coming from other agencies that required assistance with placement and pricing. This portion of the business was unforeseen as a viable opportunity for business growth when Media Atlantic first began. In fact no one had even considered working with agency business. With the passing of each month more and more agencies and their employees began to utilize Media Atlantic for their media placement, research and pricing. Once the client was ready to air the agency would place the advertising campaign through Media Atlantic. Media Atlantic began to offer better discounts on ads thanks in large part to umbrella purchasing. This allowed exponential growth for Media Atlantic and increased purchasing power, which decreased ad rates. As more and more agencies discovered the benefit of umbrella purchasing, the management at Media Atlantic, felt the existing name and company set-up was in direct competition with the agencies using their services.

In November 2005, the name was changed to Buy Ads Direct. This new name better reflected the service being offered. From the start it told the client and agency that they were able to get better rates and a single point of contact for all markets and media types. Today, Media Atlantic still exists online with the original website that started it all

In January 2014, Buy Ads Direct, partnered with a software company to offer a better way for our customers to purchase and track media campaigns. By teaming together the software and our service, the savings for all Buy Ads Direct customers, could be greatly increased. We foresee quicker placement and greater savings as more agencies and direct customers become accustomed to using this technology.

Buy Ads Direct might have technically began in 2005, the reality is it started in 2001. Since that time Buy Ads Direct has provided the same quality service. We look forward to providing our services to you.


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