Advertising Help in the modern world

 Advertising Help In a Modern Ad World


Imagine it is the 1990’s again, think about the different forms of advertising available to promote your business at that time. What are you remembering? Cable TV, Network TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, Yellow Pages and some online banner ads or pop-ups? This was a very limited advertising landscape; however this made advertising your business so much simpler.  Back then the ability to advertise properly was only limited by the funds that were available to you. Today to reach the ideal client you need a doctorate degree in marketing. Even this doesn’t insure a better managed advertising or promotional campaign for your business. Now, let’s jump ahead and think about the future of advertising in 2020 or 2047. I am thinking about the scene in minority report where the advertisements are directed at you as you walk down the street or get in your car. Is that what you are thinking about? Currently TV Networks are working on ways to deliver targeted advertising to viewers.  With all of the changes in advertising, how do you keep up and still manage your business? The simple answer is you don’t . However, if you are choosing to go it alone, then there are a few things that should be considered and knowledge you will need to attain. This is what our new series will focus on.

First Lets look at a chart of ad types available today and compare it to the 1990’s (this is not a complete list)

Advertising Types19902017
National Network TVYesYes
National Local Cable TVYesYes
Local Network TVYesYes
Local Cable TVYesYes
Local RadioYesYes
National RadioYesYes
Satellite TVYesYes
Satellite RadioNoYes
NewspaperYesAlmost Dead
Yellow PagesYesDead
Online Banner AdsNoYes
Mobile AdsNoYes
Google AdWordsNo Google Didn't start till 1998Yes
Video StreamingNoYes
Video On DemandNoYes
Email MarketingYesYes

For a longer web series right now read the Marketing Tutorial from Know This.

So what is the best way to grow your business in the modern advertising world? Well, that is not easy to answer. In order to achieve the best results, it is dependent on other factors. The first of which should be hiring. In order to achieve a greater opportunity for success you basically have three choices.

  1. Drop everything else and focus your daily duties on marketing
  2. Hire a well qualified marketing manager and department support staff
  3. Hire an advertising agency with experience

Whatever choice you make will determine the success of your company, simply placing posts and getting likes on Facebook isn’t going to insure your success or growth. In fact Facebook  and other social media sites are now charging publishers to show up in followers newsfeeds. Here is a couple of articles for review. “Why do my Likes no longer show in my newsfeed”. Facebook moving non-promoted posts out of newsfeeds.

So if you can’t rely on 2007-2016 “likes” to get your message out then how do you let customers know what you have to offer? As has always been the case you advertise. The old saying goes there is no such thing as a free lunch and in recent years many businesses have received just that, a free lunch thanks to their followers. But those days are quickly moving behind us and the time to refocus on marketing is now. In order to provide a more comprehensive service for our customers we have begun this series. Which will cover various topics but have a primary focus on the advertising industry and how best to reach a targeted market segment. Stay tuned for more information and stories related to the changing advertising world. In the interim, if you need help advertising call us. Let our 17 years of expertise assist you in creating the best campaign to reach your goals.

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