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Buy Ads Direct has assisted attorney offices with advertising for the past 17 years, during that time we have helped not only local attorney offices, but have handled national campaigns focused on a myriad of legal suits. These have included class action lawsuits against the makers of Vioxx, Joint Replacement parts, stints, Mesothelioma cases and more. The ability for an office to make one call and reach out to all of the nation has been very beneficial in quickly executing marketing strategies that have increased their representation of victims. Unfortunately not all networks or cable TV stations will accept class action suits as this may violate agreements with the pharmaceutical advertisers. That is why Buy Ads Direct can be the ideal media partner to assist in  advertising.

In 2016 Buy Ads Direct worked with a major network to become the first advertiser in their 6 months of existence. Prior to that no advertiser had ever been allowed except PSA advertisers. The list of major advertisers who were unable to advertise prior to our negotiation included major insurers including State Farm, Allstate and Geico. Following our negotiations these advertisements were accepted along with other major clients.

When it comes to choosing a national media partner, choose the one who has a solid reputation and has been able to accomplish the impossible. Call our offices today to see if your office qualifies for representation.



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