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Direct Response Advertising

Direct Response advertising, also known as remnant rate advertising, offers the opportunity to advertise on great networks locally and nationally at a fraction of the cost. This form of advertising is available to  advertisers that meet the requirements as set by the networks.

Direct-response marketing is designed to solicit a direct response, which is specific and quantifiable. The delivery of the response is direct between the viewer and the advertiser, that is, the customer responds to the marketer directly. Direct-response marketing differentiates from simple direct marketing in which the communications from the marketer to the customer does not allow for instant feedback. 

Like direct marketing, direct-response marketing seeks to elicit action. It’s inherently accountable since results can be tracked and measured. Furthermore, direct-response campaigns perform best if the underlying strategies and tactics are highly competitive. Buy Ads Direct offers our members the assistance in production and media placement throughout the United States in individual markets or nationally. Contact our office today to get the process started.

Various Types Of Direct Response Advertising Available

Direct Response Advertising offers full market coverage at a fraction of the rate of General Market. The ratings shown for this type of advertising is not guaranteed and commercial airing is not guaranteed as this is considered filler or remnant rates advertising. Rates and information can still be provided however the ratings are not guaranteed for these airings at the ads are placed within a specified daypart. The only guarantee made with this type of advertising is that if the commercial airs then it will be seen in all markets within their universe.

Non-cancelable, non-preemptible advertising offers full market coverage at a slightly greater rate than Direct Response.  These spots are similar to Direct Response with ratings not guaranteed, however the commercial will definitely air without interruption by General Market advertisers. Rates and information can still be provided, However, the commercial cannot be cancelled by the advertiser or refunded by the network.

Tier II Local National Cable Breaks are national spots that air in local market breaks. These breaks are made available to local cable providers for sale within their market, if the network is insertable in that market. The biggest advantage to an advertiser is the rate for Tier II ads. Generally, the rate for a Tier II ad is 10-20% of the National Direct Response ad rate. The amount of markets that will see the advertisement varies, however, it is normally in the 40-60% range depending on popularity of the network and time of placement. As an example, to help better explain Tier II advertising we will focus on three markets New York, LA and Chicago. We are buying Tier II ads that are scheduled to air at 9:15AM eastern on a single feed network. In New York the ad is set to air at 9:15AM, the network is insertable and popular, so New York local cable ad sales sold the commercial to a local advertiser, the national ad is not seen. In Chicago the time is  8:15AM and local cable ad sales sold the commercial to a local advertiser, the national ad is not seen. In LA the time is 6:15AM and local LA ad sales did not sell the commercial locally, the national advertiser is seen. This example explains how on average an advertiser can expect 40-60% of the country to see the ad. With Local National Breaks no report is available as to which market saw the commercial. It is a risk which is why the ads cost on average 10-20% of a full national Direct Response rate. Rates and information can be provided however you will not know how much of the market will actually see the commercial for the particular daypart selected.
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