Why not buy advertising direct from the media company?

You can buy direct from the media company prior to your inquiry with us. The benefits of using our service are:

  1. We assist in getting the best media for your campaign, not selling you on one media over another
  2. Better Rates on media
  3. Easier Placement
  4. One single point invoice for all media
  5. Quick turnarounds
  6. Assistance with tracking, planning and monitoring campaigns

If you have ever contacted local media sales reps then you know that each will tell you they have the best station or network in the market you want to advertise in. Well how can that be possible? Someone has to be number 2, 3, 10 in the market. Unlike the local reps we get paid the same no matter which media you choose to advertise with. So we direct you towards the media or station or network that will perform best for your campaign, however the decision will always remain yours.

How Does Buy Ads Direct Make Money?

Buy Ads Direct helps the media companies increase their sales without adding additional employees to payroll. As a benefit to the media company we receive compensation when you place advertisements through Buy Ads Direct.  If you request rates and don’t place advertisements then the cost of acquiring rates will be billed per our terms and conditions. If you advertise within 60 days, at ten times the billed invoice for rate requests, of initial inquiry then the amount billed will be applied towards the advertising invoice.

Is there a cost associated with using Buy Ads Direct’s services?

Yes. Buy Ads Direct can provide advertisers, agencies and direct customers with rates, ratings, ancillary information, creative assistance and more however each service is charged at an hourly rate. If the advertiser does advertise within 60 days through Buy Ads Direct then all fees for obtaining rates, ratings and ancillary information will be applied towards the advertiser’s invoice for advertising provided the amount being advertised is 10 times greater than the amount billed for attaining rates.

Example: Advertiser obtains rates for 10 stations and markets. Total invoice for rate request $500

Advertiser decides to advertise $5,000 or more within 60 days of initial request then the $500 will be applied towards advertising invoice as a credit. Final billed amount after applied credit $4,500. If the advertiser commits to less than $5,000 in this scenario then the amount invoiced for rate request will not be credited.

Does Buy Ads Direct get paid more for promoting a particular media company?

No! Buy Ads Direct gets paid an equal amount from each media company.

Does Buy Ads Direct offer special rates for annual commitment clients?

Yes Buy Ads Direct does offer reduced advertising rates when advertiser has made an annual commitment for advertising.

Can Non-members obtain rates?

Non members can obtain pricing, but will only be supplied with planning rates. These rates could be given verbally, in writing or via a web meeting. This will be at the discretion of Buy Ads Direct at time of request by customer. If a customer needs exact rates then Buy Ads Direct’s terms and conditions must be agreed to.

What happens after we request rates?

Generally it takes 24-48 hours for pricing requests to be fulfilled. Once rates are compiled we place the quote on our website and hold a 10 – 15 minute web meeting to discuss the data and answer any questions that the customer may have.

Why become a member?

Membership offers users the opportunity to save more on their advertising costs. As a member you qualify to save up to 4.25% more on your advertising costs.