You can buy direct from the media company prior to your inquiry with us. The benefits of using our service are:

  1. We assist in getting the best media for your campaign, not selling you on one media over another
  2. Better Rates on media
  3. Easier Placement
  4. One single point invoice for all media
  5. Quick turnarounds
  6. Assistance with tracking, planning and monitoring campaigns

If you have ever contacted local media sales reps then you know that each will tell you they have the best station or network in the market you want to advertise in. Well how can that be possible? Someone has to be number 2, 3, 10 in the market. Unlike the local reps we get paid the same no matter which media you choose to advertise with. So we direct you towards the media or station or network that will perform best for your campaign, however the decision will always remain yours.