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Local Cable Advertising Provides Great Coverage At Low Rates


Local Cable Advertising Provides Great Coverage At Low Rates. As advertisers try to reach consumers within their local marketplace, one viable option is local cable TV advertising. This provides coverage within the local market, with a targeted message to the consumers or households that best fit the demographics for their service or product. In the past couple of years local cable companies have begun to provide opportunities for advertisers to reach viewers within specific geographic areas, this includes regions, towns, counties, zip codes and neighborhoods. While this is not available in all markets, many have already begun testing the technology to make cable TV advertising campaigns even more efficient.


As an advertiser one of the primary pieces of information that should be focused upon prior to beginning any ad campaign is pinpointing the primary demographic of their consumer. In previous articles we have discussed this to great lengths however many businesses still don’t take the time to  focus their resources in a proper manner. The Right Commercial Message. If you are advertising, why waste funds on a segment of the market that will never be interested in the product or service? Isn’t the goal for 100% of the funds to be focused on the segment that would be more likely to utilize your product or service? If you are a new business and have no idea what market to target, give us a call. We have worked with many industries and can utilize the knowledge we have gained to assist you with pinpointing market demographics.


Advertising on local cable is a cost effective way to reach the marketplace. In comparison to local broadcast networks, the cost of advertising on a local cable tv station is generally 10-25% of the rate. While each market is unique there are many networks and local markets that can be purchased for less than $5 per commercial 30 second commercial.


Cable TV still works for many advertisers.

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The Video Advertising Bureau has great articles to help inform advertisers about the benefit of video advertising.

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