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When we say “National Advertising For Less” what does that actually mean? Well, we are talking about special rates that are only available to Buy Ads Direct. These rates, we pass along to our customers and members, allowing them to save money while receiving national exposure for their message. These are not some local market or buried time rates, these advertisements reach all of the viewers that are tuned into the channel, within their 95 million household universe.

Imagine, reaching the viewing audience for this highly rated network, with shows targeting women. A network which airs original dramas, reality shows and reality cooking competition shows. How much do you think the rate would be for a national 30 second ad on this network between 8AM and 3PM Monday – Friday? $50,000, $15,000, $5,000 each, No! Through Buy Ads Direct you are able to advertise in the daytime between 8AM and 3PM for only $1,100 net per 30 second ad. Maybe you are open to advertising later at night between 2AM and 4AM? If this is the time for you then you could advertise for only $375 net per :30 second ad.

If you prefer to save even more money then opt for tier II advertising for only $80 net per :30 for 8AM to 3PM. Save even more by reaching the overnight audience for only $25 net per :30.

What if your ideal client is only in a local market. While each market has different rates depending on market size, network and time of airing, most fit any budget. In fact, we have networks and markets that start at less than $5.00 per :30 second airing.

Buy Ads Direct also offers special opportunities for advertisers through member emails. If you would like to become a member and have specials emailed as they are offered complete the form below. Membership is offered at no charge.*


*Membership approved at Buy Ads Direct’s discretion.

Information contained above is for demonstration purposes only and does not constitute an offer for advertising on the network described. All commercials and advertiser must be approved prior to commercial airing or acceptance of insertion orders by the network.

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