Cable TV Advertising

National Cable Advertising Rates and Information


National cable advertising offers commercial breaks in various forms of programs including sports, news, entertainment, reality, sci-fi, horror and others. From high profile sports to news, music, and home improvement the cost associated with a national campaign could be well within most company budgets. National cable advertising offers various types that assist with reaching the market while staying within budget.

Cable has multiple pricing options to choose from including General Market, Direct Response, Non-cancelable, Non-preemptible and Tier II Local National Cable Breaks rates and information. Each one offers a unique opportunity for advertisers depending on their criteria for their campaign.

General Market Advertising offers full market coverage with guaranteed ratings for the advertiser. The rates and information is provided by the network to meet the criteria of the advertiser.  If the program fails to garner the ratings promised then make goods are offered to make up the difference in ratings lost.

Direct Response Advertising offers full market coverage at a fraction of the rate of General Market. The ratings shown for this type of advertising is not guaranteed and commercial airing is not guaranteed as this is considered filler or remnant rates advertising. Rates and information can still be provided however the ratings are not guaranteed for these airings at the ads are placed within a specified daypart. The only guarantee made with this type of advertising is that if the commercial airs then it will be seen in all markets within their universe.

Non-cancelable, non-preemptible advertising offers full market coverage at a slightly greater rate than Direct Response.  These spots are similar to Direct Response with ratings not guaranteed, however the commercial will definitely air without interruption by General Market advertisers. Rates and information can still be provided, However, the commercial cannot be cancelled by the advertiser or refunded by the network.

Tier II Local National Cable Breaks are national spots that air in local market breaks. These breaks are made available to local cable providers for sale within their market, if the network is insertable in that market. The biggest advantage to an advertiser is the rate for Tier II ads. Generally, the rate for a Tier II ad is 10-20% of the National Direct Response ad rate. The amount of markets that will see the advertisement varies, however, it is normally in the 40-60% range depending on popularity of the network and time of placement. As an example, to help better explain Tier II advertising we will focus on three markets New York, LA and Chicago. We are buying Tier II ads that are scheduled to air at 9:15AM eastern on a single feed network. In New York the ad is set to air at 9:15AM, the network is insertable and popular, so New York local cable ad sales sold the commercial to a local advertiser, the national ad is not seen. In Chicago the time is  8:15AM and local cable ad sales sold the commercial to a local advertiser, the national ad is not seen. In LA the time is 6:15AM and local LA ad sales did not sell the commercial locally, the national advertiser is seen. This example explains how on average an advertiser can expect 40-60% of the country to see the ad. With Local National Breaks no report is available as to which market saw the commercial. It is a risk which is why the ads cost on average 10-20% of a full national Direct Response rate. Rates and information can be provided however you will not know how much of the market will actually see the commercial for the particular daypart selected.

National cable advertising delivers your customer to your website, showroom, store, to your state or anywhere else. It’s targeted advertising at its best due to it’s targeted demographic’s and wide audience reach. With the pricing opportunities in today’s cable environment, you are able to put together a large network buy covering millions of subscribers for as little as $250 per commercial. No where else can you obtain the exposure at the rate that national cable can offer you.

With National cable advertising you can have your name can appear in commercials covering the entire nation in all of the markets that the channel is seen in. Cable advertising also has the ability to reach potential customers by using “targeted” programming (news, sports, children’s, documentaries, home improvement, etc.) with an audience of similar demographics.

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NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
A&EA&E Networks(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Adult SwimTurner Broadcasting SystemLate-night adult-oriented animation block to target 17 .
Aired on the same channel as Cartoon Network
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
AMCAMC Networksformerly American Movie Classics
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
American Heroes ChannelDiscovery Communicationsformerly Discovery Wings and Military Channel
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
AudienceDirecTVFormerly Freeview and The 101 Network
AXS TV2929 Entertainmentformerly HDNet
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
BBC AmericaBBC Worldwide
AMC Networks
BETBET NetworksAlso known as “Black Entertainment Television”
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
BET Herformerly BET Jazz, BET J, and Centric.
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Black Belt TVBlack Belt Television Network Inc.Also known as “The Martial Arts Network”
A 24-hour channel dedicated to Martial Arts
CMTViacom Media Networks(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Comedy.TVEntertainment Studios Networks
Comedy CentralViacom Media NetworksA product of the merger of Viacom’s
HA! TV Comedy Network and The Comedy Channel
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Crime & Investigation NetworkA&E Networks(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Discovery ChannelDiscovery Communications(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
ES.TVEntertainment Studios Networks
FXFox Entertainment Group(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
FXX(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Game Show NetworkSony Pictures (58%)
DirecTV (42%)
Game Show Network
HistoryA&E Networks
IFCAMC Networksalso referred to as the Independent Film Channel
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Investigation DiscoveryDiscovery Communicationsformerly Discovery Times, Discovery Civilization Channel, originally Eye On People
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Ion TelevisionIon Media Networks
Military HistoryA&E Networks
MTVViacom Media Networksoriginally Music Television
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
MTV2formerly M2 / the box
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
National GeographicFox Cable Networks
National Geographic Society
ReelzHubbard BroadcastingFormerly ReelzChannel;
movie news, trailers, behind the scenes stuff, and murder shows
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
SpikeViacom Media Networksformerly The Nashville Network (TNN); and The National Network (TNN)
will relaunch to Paramount Network on January 18, 2018.
SundanceTVAMC Networks(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
SyfyNBCUniversal(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
TBSTurner Broadcasting Systempreviously TBS Superstation and Superstation WTBS
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
TNTshows mostly drama
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
TOKUOlympusat, Inc.formerly FUNimation Channel
Asian-Pacific programming. Anime, movies and series.
truTVTurner Broadcasting SystemKnown as Court TV from 1991 – December 31, 2007
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
USA NetworkNBCUniversal(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
VH1Viacom Media Networks(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
WGN AmericaTribune Broadcasting(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
National feed of WGN-TV for cable subscribers

Lifestyle Networks

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
Animal PlanetDiscovery Communications(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
AspireMagic Johnson Enterprises
AWEHerring Broadcastingformerly Wealth TV
BravoNBCUniversal(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
CreateAmerican Public Television
Cooking ChannelScripps Networks InteractiveReplaced Fine Living Network.
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Destination AmericaDiscovery Communicationswas most recently “Planet Green” until it was rebranded on May 26, 2012
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Discovery LifeReplaced FitTV on February 1, 2011.
A product of the merger of Discovery Health and FitTV. Known as Discovery Fit & Health.
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
DIY NetworkScripps Networks InteractiveDo-It-Yourself Network
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
E!NBCUniversal(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Food NetworkScripps Networks Interactive(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
FYIA&E Networksformerly The Biography Channel
HGTVScripps Networks Interactivealso known as Home & Garden Television
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Ion LifeIon Media Networks
LifetimeA&E Networks(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Lifetime Real Women(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Lifetime Movies(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Formerly Lifetime Movie Network and LMN
Logo TVViacom Media Networks
MyDestination.TVEntertainment Studios Networks
Nat Geo WildFox Cable Networks
National Geographic Society
OxygenNBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Oprah Winfrey NetworkDiscovery Communications
Harpo Productions
OvationHubbard Broadcasting
PopLionsgate (50%)
CBS Corporation (50%)
formerly the Prevue Guide, Prevue Channel, TV Guide Channel, TV Guide Network and TVGN
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Pets.TVEntertainment Studios Networks
Ride TVRide Television Network Inc
ScienceDiscovery Communicationsformerly Discovery Science
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Smithsonian ChannelSmithsonian Institution
Showtime Networks
TLCDiscovery Communicationsformerly The Learning Channel
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Travel ChannelScripps Networks Interactive
Cox Media Group
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
TV OneUrban One(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
VicelandVice Media
A&E Networks
formerly History International and H2
We TVAMC Networks(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Z LivingEssel Groupformerly Veria Living

Kids and family Networks

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
BabyFirstRegency Enterprises
Bellco Capital
BabyTVFox International Channels
BoomerangTurner Broadcasting SystemRebranded on January 19, 2015.
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Cartoon Network(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed. On daily from 6am to 8pm. Adult Swim shares channel space daily from 8pm to 6am.
Discovery FamilyDiscovery Communications(60%)
Hasbro (40%)
formerly Discovery Kids and The Hub/Hub Network
Disney ChannelDisney–ABC Television Group(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feedback
Disney JuniorSimilar to Disney Channel’s block.
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feedback
Disney XDformerly Toon Disney / Jetix until February 13, 2009.
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed. D|XP airs 9PM – 3AM (Summer Only).
Freeformformerly CBN Satellite Service, CBN Cable, The Family Channel, Fox Family, and ABC Family
Hallmark ChannelCrown Media Holdingsformerly Faith and Values, and Odyssey
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Hallmark Movies & Mysteriesformerly known as Hallmark Movie Channel
Hallmark DramaLaunched October 1, 2017
INSPThe Inspiration NetworksFormerly known as The Inspiration Network.
Kids & Teens TVSky Angel
Nick Jr.Viacom Media NetworksBecame a 24-hour channel on January 1, 2008; formerly Noggin
Nick at NiteThe primary nighttime programming block
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Nick2For East Coast viewers, this is the West Coast feed of Nickelodeon.
Nickelodeon(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
NickMusicformerly MTV Hits
Nicktoonsformerly Nicktoons TV and Nicktoons Network.
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
QuboIon Media Networksprogramming for children
TeenNickViacom Media NetworksBecame a 24-hour channel on January 1, 2008, after Nick Gas was shut down; formerly The N. TeenNick airs from 6am – 10pm seven days a week. NickSplat airs from 10pm – 6am seven days a week on TeenNick.
TV Land(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Universal KidsNBCUniversalformerly Sprout
UpInterMedia Partnersuplifting, family-friendly entertainment; formerly Gospel Music Channel and GMC TV

Movie Networks

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
FX Movie Channel21st Century FoxFormerly fXM – Movies from Fox; rebranded as Fox Movie Channel in 2000
and FXM on January 1, 2012
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Hallmark Movies & MysteriesCrown Media HoldingsFormerly Hallmark Movie Channel
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
HDNet MoviesAXS TV LLC(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
MGM HDMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
ShortsHDShorts International (75%)
AMC Networks International (25%)
Sony Movie ChannelSony Pictures Television
Turner Classic MoviesTurner Broadcasting SystemAlso referred to as TCM.

Music channels[edit]

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
BET GospelBET Networks
BET Hip-Hop
BET Jamsformerly MTVX and MTV Jams
BET Soulformerly VH1 Soul
CMT MusicViacom Media Networksformerly VH1 Country and CMT Pure Country
TheCoolTVCool Music Network LLC
FMFuse Networks
Great American CountryScripps Networks Interactive
MTV ClassicViacom Media Networksformerly VH1 Classic
MTV Liveformerly MHD and Palladia
MTVUformerly College Television Network

News Networks

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
AccuWeather NetworkAccuWeather
TheBlazeMercury Radio Arts
Bloomberg TVBloomberg L.P.(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
CNBC World
CNNTurner Broadcasting SystemNational news and opinion
CNN AirportAvailable only in airports
CNN International
Fox Business NetworkFox Entertainment Group
Fox NewsNational news and opinion
FusionFusion Media Group
HLNTurner Broadcasting Systemformerly CNN2, CNN Headline News and Headline News. HLN HD is currently carried on various Time Warner Cable systems.
MSNBCNBCUniversalNational news and opinion
Newsmax TVNewsmax Media
The Weather Channel
  • The Weather Channel
  • The Weather Channel On Demand
The Blackstone Group
Bain Capital
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
The Blackstone Group
Bain Capital
Local and regional weather forecasts;
national feed available on Dish Network

Sports Networks

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
beIN Sports USAbeIN Media Group(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Cars.TVEntertainment Studios Networks
CBS Sports NetworkCBS Corporationformerly CSTV and CBS College Sports Network
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Eleven Sports NetworkEleven Sports Networkformerly ONE World Sports
ESPNESPN Inc.(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
ESPN2(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
ESPN College Extra(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
ESPN Plussyndicates college sports to local broadcast and regional cable stations.
ESPN Classicformerly Classic Sports Network, Becoming Video on Demand channel
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
ESPNews(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
ESPNU(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Fox College SportsFox Entertainment Group
Fox College Sports (Atlantic)formerly Fox Sports Atlantic
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Fox College Sports (Central)formerly Fox Sports Central
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Fox College Sports (Pacific)formerly Fox Sports Pacific
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Fox Soccer PlusReplaced Setanta Sports USA on March 1, 2010.
Fox Sports 1Fox Sports 24 hour sports network. Formerly Speed Channel
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Fox Sports 2Fox Sports 24 hour sports network. Formerly Fuel TV
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Golf ChannelNBCUniversal(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
MAVTVLucas Oil(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
MLB Extra InningsMajor League Baseball(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
MLB Network(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
MLS Direct KickMajor League Soccer
NBA League PassNational Basketball Association(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
NBA TVformerly TV; Turner Sports operates the channel
in association with the NBA.
NBCSNNBCUniversalformerly Outdoor Life Network, Versus, and NBC Sports Network
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
NFL NetworkNational Football League(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
NFL RedZoneNFL Football (airs 1-8PM Sundays only) NFL Network Version of red zone
NFL Sunday Ticket(exclusive to DirecTV)
NFL Sunday Ticket RedZoneExclusive DirecTV Version of red zone
NHL Center IceNational Hockey League(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
NHL NetworkNational Hockey League (84.4%)
NBCUniversal (15.6%)
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Olympic ChannelNBCUniversalformerly Bravo HD and Universal HD
Outdoor ChannelKroenke Sports & Entertainment(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Pursuit ChannelAnthem Media GroupHunting and fishing adventure programming
The Ski ChannelSteve Bellamy
Jonny Moseley
Bob Bryan
Mike Bryan
Video on demand channel
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Sportsman ChannelOutdoor Sportsman Group(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Tennis ChannelSinclair Broadcast Group(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
TVGBetfairThe Interactive Horse Racing Network
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
TVG2Formerly HRTV
VelocityDiscovery CommunicationsFormerly HD Theater and originally Discovery HD Theater
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed

Regional sports networks

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
Altitude Sports and EntertainmentKroenke Sports & EntertainmentSports channel covering Denver sports teams
AT&T SportsNetAT&T Sports Networks
Big Ten NetworkBig Ten Conference
Fox Entertainment Group
Big Ten Conference sports
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Cox Sports TelevisionCox Communications
Fox Sports Networks Fox Entertainment Group

(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed

Longhorn NetworkUniversity of Texas at Austin
IMG College
Mid-Atlantic Sports NetworkBaltimore Orioles
Washington Nationals
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
MSGMSG Networks(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
MSG Plusformerly SportsChannel New York and FSN New York
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
MSG Western New Yorksubfeed of MSG, programmed by Pegula Sports and Entertainment, Formerly Sabres Hockey Network
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
NBC Sports Regional NetworksNBCUniversal

(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed

New England Sports NetworkBoston Red Sox
Boston Bruins
Oc 16Charter CommunicationsUniversity of Hawaii Athletic programs
Pac-12 NetworkPac-12 ConferencePac-12 Conference sports, consists of a national feed plus 6 regional feeds
SEC NetworkESPN Inc.
SportsNet New YorkNew York Mets
Charter Communications
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Fox Sports Southeast21st Century Foxformerly Turner South and SportsSouth and sister channel of FSN South
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
SportsTime Ohio(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Fox Sports Sunformerly Sunshine Network and Sun Sports. Sister channel of FSN Florida
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Spectrum DeportesCharter Communicationsformerly TWC Deportes
Spectrum SportsNetformerly TWC SportsNet
Spectrum SportsNet LAformerly TWC SportsNet LA
Spectrum Sports
(formerly Time Warner Cable SportsChannel)
YES NetworkYankee Global Enterprises
Goldman Sachs
21st Century Fox
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed

Spanish Networks

Broadcast networks

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
Azteca AméricaAzteca International CorporationNational feed available for markets without an Azteca affiliate
Estrella TVLBI Media (Liberman Broadcasting)National feed available for markets without a Estrella TV affiliate
Mega TVSpanish Broadcasting System
TelemundoNBCUniversal(in Spanish) audio feed; national feed available for markets without a Telemundo affiliate
UniMásUnivision CommunicationsFormerly TeleFutura; national feed available for markets without a UniMás affiliate
Univision(in Spanish) audio feed; national feed available for markets without a Univision affiliate

Spanish Networks Cable/satellite

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
Atres SeriesAtresmedia
beIN Sports en EspañolbeIN Media Group(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
Canal 22Secretariat of CultureOnly Available at Directv on Channel 446
and cable providers like Spectrum on 841
Canal OnceInstituto Politécnico NacionalOnly Available at Directv on Channel 447
and cable providers like Spectrum on Channel 844
Also available at VEMOX
Caracol TV InternacionalJulio Mario Santo DomingoAvailable at VIVOPlay
CBeebiesBBC WorldwideAvailable at Dish Network on Channel 848 in Spanish
Centroamérica TVNeeds Info
Cine ClásicoOlympusat, Inc.Available at VEMOX
Cine EstelarNeeds InfoOnly Available at Directv on Channel 422
Cine NostalgiaNeeds InfoOnly Available at Directv on Channel 424
Cine MexicanoOlympusat, Inc.Available at Directv on Channel 462
Cine Sony TelevisionSony Pictures Television
CinelatinoMVS ComunicacionesDistributed/owned in Canada by Telelatino Network Inc.
CNN en EspañolTurner Broadcasting System
CubaMAXNeeds InfoAvailable at Dish Network
CubaPlayOlympusat, Inc.Available at VEMOX
De PelículaTelevisa
De Película Clásico
Discovery en EspañolDiscovery Communications
Discovery Familiaformerly Discovery Kids en Español
Ecuador TVNeeds InfoOnly Available at Directv on Channel 457
Ecuavisa InternacionalNeeds InfoOnly Available at Directv on Channel 438
El Rey NetworkStarvision Direct Cable
Univision Communications
(in English) and (in Spanish) audio feed
EnlaceTrinity Broadcasting Network
ESPN DeportesESPN Inc.Spanish-language sports network
EWTN EspañolEternal Word Television Network
Fox DeportesFox Entertainment Groupformerly Fox en Español from until 2010, Fox Sports Américas
Fox LifeFox International Channels
GalavisiónUnivision Communications
Gran CineOlympusat, Inc.Available at VEMOX
Hola! TVNeeds InfoOnly Available at Directv on Channel 430
History en EspañolA&E Networks
Hispanic Information and Telecommunications NetworkHispanic Information and Telecommunications Network Inc.
HispanicTVTurner Broadcasting System
MexicanalCastalia Communications & Cablecom
MTV TresViacom Media Networksformerly MTV en Español.
Nat Geo MundoFox Entertainment Group
National Geographic Society
PXTVNeeds InfoAvailable at VEMOX
RCN Nuestra TeleRCN Groupformerly TV Colombia until October 8, 2012
Ritmoson LatinoTelevisa
¡Sorpresa!Olympusat, Inc.Available at VEMOX
Telefe InternacionalTelefeAvailable at Directv on Channel 411
TeleFórmulaGrupo FórmulaAvailable at Dish Network on Channel 858 in SD
Spectrum on Channel 845 in HD & Xfinity
TeleHitTelevisa Networks
TELE NOlympusat, Inc.formerly Latele Novela.
Available at VEMOX
TV ChileTelevisión Nacional de ChileAvailable at Directv on Channel 437
Also available at VEMOX and VIVOPlay
TV VenezuelaGlobovisión
Canal Sur
Available at Directv on Channel 409
Also available at VIVOPlay
TVE InternacionalTelevisión Española
TyC SportsTorneos y Competencias
Clarín Group
Available at Directv on Channel 469
UniversoNBCUniversalformerly mun2 and NBC Universo
UDNUnivision CommunicationsSpanish-language sports network
Univision tlnovelasUnivision Communications
WAPA AmericaInterMedia Advisors

International Networks

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
3ABN FrançaisThree Angels Broadcasting NetworkFrench TV channel based in West Frankfort, Illinois
3ABN RussiaRussian TV channel based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
The Africa ChannelVarious InvestorsAfrican TV channel based in North Hollywood, California
The Arabic ChannelAllied MediaArabic TV channel based in New York City, New York
AfrotainmentSoundview AfricaAfrican TV channel based in New York City, New York
Afrotainment MusicAfrican music channel based in New York City, New York
ARTNArmenian-Russian Television NetworkArmenian TV channel based in Glendale, California
Bonjour AmericaBonjour America Media GroupTV channel in French based in Miami, Florida
BostelRTV BostelBosnian TV channel based in Chicago
DFH NetworkDFH Network Inc.Turkish Pay-TV service based in Santa Ana, California comprising 7 channels
German Kino PlusFennFamLLCGerman TV channel based in Marietta, Georgia
ITV GoldInternational Broadcasting NetworkSouth Asian TV channel based in Long Island City, New York
Impact TelevisionImpact Television NetworkRussian TV channel based in Sacramento, California
Jewish Broadcasting ServiceEnglish news and cultural Jewish TV channelJewish TV channel based in Fort Lee, New Jersey
Jewish Life TelevisionJewish Life TelevisionJewish TV channel based in Los Angeles, California
JUS OneJUS BroadcastingPunjabi TV channel based in Long Island City, New York
JUS PunjabiPunjabi TV channel based in Long Island City, New York
KO-AM TVKO_AM TV Inc.Korean TV channel based in Seattle
The Korean ChannelThe Korean Channel Inc.Korean TV channel based in College Point, New York
MKTVMedia Korea Inc.Korean TV channel based in Fort Lee, New Jersey
Myx TVABS-CBN CorporationAsian-American TV channel based in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
New Greek TVNew Greek TV Inc.Greek TV channel based in Astoria NY
One World Sports(now Eleven Sports)One Media Corp, Inc.International sports channel based in Stamford, Connecticut
RSCRomanian Satellite NetworkRomanian Pay-TV service based in Rockville, Maryland, comprising 5 channels
RT(ANO) “TV-Novosti”Russian TV channel based in Moscow, Russia
TV503 Crossing TVLincoln Square MediaRussian TV channel based in New York City
Saigon Broadcasting Television NetworkSBTN Inc.Vietnamese TV channel based in Garden Grove, California
Sino TVMulticultural Radio Broadcasting Inc.Chinese channel based in New York City, New York
Sky Link TVSky Link TV Inc.Chinese TV channel based in Rosemead, California
SPT TVSeabra Portuguese TelevisionPortuguese TV channel based in Newark, New Jersey
Tai Seng Sat TVTai Seng EntertainmentChinese TV channel based in San Francisco, California
Tapesh TVPersian Broadcasting CompanyPersian TV channel based in Los Angeles, California
JadeworldTVB USA Inc.Chinese TV channel based in Norwalk, California
TV AsiaAsia Star Broadcasting IncSouth Asian TV channel, based in Edison, New Jersey
TV JapanNHK Cosmomedia AmericaJapanese channel based in New York City, New York
tvKTelevision Korea24 Inc.Korean TV channel based in Los Angeles, California
Viên Thao TVVien Thao MediaVietnamese TV channel based in San Jose, California