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Buy Ads Direct offers satellite TV advertising on both DirecTV and Dish Network.
At this time satellite advertising is only available for national advertisers and in the top 20 local TV markets.                             

Buy Ads Offers Satellite TV advertising on both DirecTV and Dish Network. If you are a national advertiser that is looking for an inexpensive way to reach the masses, then this is a great opportunity for you. Satellite TV is perfect for first time advertisers looking for the right way to test the market for your product or service. Combined Dish Network and DirecTV reach 30% of all cable subscribers. With cluster buys built to reach your target demographic, Satellite TV offers reasonable rates and a larger subscriber base then the top 10 markets in the nation combined. DirecTV alone offers over 16 million subscribers and more HD programming than most local cable service providers. Call today to learn how you can get national exposure for as low as $40 per commercial when you buy in a cluster.

Much like local cable advertising, satellite offers commercial breaks in all the hottest TV brands in America today. From high profile sports to news, music and home improvement. Satellite cable advertising delivers customers, plus Satellite TV is only available to homeowners and is not available to apartment renters, helping you to reach more families.

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