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Satellite Radio, through Sirius XM, Advertising Rates and Information


Buy Ads offers satellite radio advertising at great rates.

Satellite Radio Sirius XM Advertising Rates and Information. Satellite Radio advertising is a great fit for national business looking to promote their product or service to a large audience with disposable income. Satellite Radio advertising offers commercial breaks in all the hottest radio shows in America today, including Howard Stern, Right Talk, Jay Thomas, Monsters in the Morning, Opie and Anthony plus many more. Satellite radio also offers all of the home broadcasts for high profile sporting events, including NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR and the NBA. Satellite radio offers simulcast of America’s favorite cable networks including CNN, CNBC, MsNBC¬†plus Fox News. Satellite advertising delivers your customers to your door. It’s broad reach market advertising at its best. Furthermore, advertising on satellite radio can reach current and new customers within many broadcast areas. Satellite radio receivers offer the innovation of displaying your company’s name and number on the radio diplay screen. This gives your customers a visual reminder of your 800 number and/or website addresses.


Advertising on satellite radio does not have to be difficult. Let Buy Ads Direct help you with all of your satellite radio advertising needs. Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of clients, both national and local, purchase media in markets throughout the United States. If you have ever thought about advertising on satellite radio, but wasn’t sure if it would be the right move for you, call us. Don’t go it alone, use our years of experience.

Sirius XM Satellite Program Line-up

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Satellite Radio¬†advertising has the ability to reach potential customers by using “targeted” programming (news, sports, children’s, documentaries, home improvement, etc.) with an audience of similar demographic characteristics.¬† Why waste money on mailers or other ineffective forms of advertising. Call now to learn about our advertising specials.


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