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Sports Marketing Pricing and Information is made available for in game, pregame, post game and related sports programming. With a dedicated fan base, sports marketing offers your brand association and exposure with a large viewing audience. For the week of December 4, 2017 the top 2 weekly viewed programs on network TV were Sunday Night and Thursday Night Football. Both of these regular season games out performed the top broadcast program in viewership for the week by double.

Advertising towards these viewers can assist in creating news sales for your business. Obviously, these types of advertisements will run a little higher than others. However, the amount of live viewers is far greater than any other form of programming.

Buy Ads Direct handles placement within all sporting programs including:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NCAA
  • MLS
  • NHL
  • MLB

Over the years we have provided media placement in various sporting events and ancillary programming.

SportPre SeasonRegular SeasonPost SeasonSpeicaltyAncillary Programing
NFL4-5 weeks17 weeks3 weeks plus SuperbowlIn StadiumTalk programs, NFL Network, ESPN, ESPNews, Radio Broadcasts, YouTube, FaceBook and other streaming services
MLB1 month160+1-2 months plus World Series Championship best of 7 seriesIn StadiumTalk programs, MLB Network, ESPN, ESPNews, Radio Broadcasts
NBA1 month82AvailableUniform Logo , In arenaTalk programs, NBA Network, ESPN, ESPNews, Radio Broadcasts
NHL82Stanley Cup Playoffs and FinalsIn ArenaTalk programs, ESPN, ESPNews, Radio Broadcasts
MLS34Playoffs and FinalsIn StadiumTalk programs, NFL Network, ESPN, ESPNews, Radio Broadcasts
NASCARNo Preseason36No PlayoffsIn Track, Car Sponsorship, Race SponsorTalk programs, ESPN, ESPNews, Radio Broadcasts,
NCAABasketball, Baseball, FootballVariousVariousTitle Sponsorship for Bowl GamesTalk programs, Various Networks for some conferences, ESPN, ESPNews, Radio Broadcasts


Advertising in different sporting programs varies depending on popularity and anticipated viewership for the participating teams. The information below is for example purposes only

SportPrime Time Broadcast (Price Per 30 second Ad)Playoffs (Price Per 30 second Ad)Post Season (Price Per 30 second Ad)SpecialtyChampionship (Price Per 30 second Ad)
NFL$300,000+ (PrimeTime)
$175,000+ (Daytime)
$500,000+$750,000+In Stadium$5,000,000 in game
MLB$8,500+$24,000+$70,000+In Stadium$500,000+
NBA$8,500+$28,000+$85,000Uniform Logo , In arena$450,000+
NHL$7,800+$18,000+$29,000+In Arena$100,000+
MLS$6,900$19,000+$25,000+In Stadium$45,000+
NASCAR$175,000+ (varies with race)N/AN/AIn Track, Car Sponsorship, Race Sponsor

Car Sponsor ($300,000+ per race, varies by driver)
$650,000+ (Daytona 500)
NCAA$10,000+ (Football)
$3,900+ (Basketball)
$25,000+$175,000+Title Sponsorship for Bowl Games$1,000,000+ (Football)
$1,500,000 (Basketball)


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