The Right Commercial And Message

The Right Commercial And Message

I want you think about your recent interactions with various age or social groups. When you interacted with an older generation how did you speak to them, or what did you say? Think of a teenager or young adult, did you speak the same way and say the same things to them? Chances are you didn’t, each interaction if done in the same manner would lose one of the groups attention. How about the way we interact with a service provider, maybe a barber or hairstylist, and your religious leader? Would you tell the same stories, jokes or even use the same language. Chances are no. So why would you tell the same story or use the same words when speaking to a diverse audience in an advertisement? A well made commercial, in each type of program, can offer directed information about the services or products your company offers. Maybe the viewer is watching an entertaining program, why not deliver an entertaining advertisement. Advertisers should make multiple ads that are directed to reach a different segment of the market, and air the appropriate commercial within that segment group.

Think of the Hispanic market tuning into Spanish language TV, would you offer them an English commercial? No, you wouldn’t. Broadcasting an English commercial in a Spanish broadcast could send the wrong message to the audience. It could be interpreted as you don’t really care about the Spanish community, only their money. It could be interpreted as no one speaks Spanish at your business or it could just say you are not sensitive towards the Spanish speaking community. Either way, this could actually result in no inquiries and bad public perception of your business. Now, if you wouldn’t do that to the Spanish speaking community, why would you run a single commercial for all viewers aged 2 to 85?

If you want to see increased results, especially within various market segments, you should air commercials that speak directly to them. Let’s give an example of a mortgage company that wants to attract three segments of the housing market. First time home buyers, home equity or refinance loans and empty nester looking to downsize. Would you advertise the same ad to each? You could, however, the campaign would probably be more successful if you aired a commercial directed towards each of these segments individually. When working on your budget keep in mind the market segments you wish to attract and plan a commercial that appeals to each.

One other issue we see is the advertiser that says their client is everyone. We all know that is not the case. You could say your shoes are for everyone, but what about the person with no feet, or your food product is for everyone, but what if they have an allergy to an ingredient. If we are going to advertise then you must know your client. You need to know which segment responds best or needs your product the most. You wouldn’t sell a quit smoking program to a room full of people that never smoked, don’t sell your product or service to those who will never call. Learn the market you want and market the you they want.

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