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Why Radio Advertising Is Still A Great Option

When it comes to advertising options you have quite a few to choose from in today’s advertising world. However; we are talking about one form of advertising right now, Radio. So let’s discuss “Why Radio Advertising Is Still A Great Option”.¬ Think of your recent trip to work, or to a local retailer, or to a movie, or a night out on the town, obviously; you were in your vehicle, but what were you doing, and more importantly what were you listening to? Chances are if you are like 93% of Americans, you were listening to a local radio station’s broadcast. Maybe, it was your favorite song, or genre of music, or a talk station, or sports that you were listening to. Even with the invention and adaption of new technology, many drivers still prefer a local commercial radio station, over other sources while driving. In fact, according to RAB 249,600,000 people 12+ tune into the radio each and every week.


Radio offers many benefits that other forms of advertising aren’t able to offer, lets compare.

  1. Radio reaches a mobile audience
  2. Radio reaches local consumers
  3. Radio offers quick ad turnaround times
  4. Radio offers dedicated audiences
  5. Radio offers promotions and giveaways keeping audiences engaged
  6. Radio offers large captive audiences during various dayparts without outside distractions
  7. Radio offers immediate call to action
  8. Radio offers trusted personality endorsements
  9. Radio as we have always said is “Word of Mouth Advertising Amplified”

When you compare TV, print or outdoor to radio the benefits become even greater.


Mobile AudienceXNoXXX (if you carry it with you)
Reach Local ConsumerXXXXX
Quick Ad ProductionXNoXNoX
Dedicated AudienceXXXNoX
Promotional GiveawaysXXXNoX
No Outside DistractionXNoNoNoNo
Call To ActionXXXNoX
Broadcast Personality EndorsementXNoNoNoNo
Word Of MouthXXXNoNo
Time Spent With MediaXXXNoNo


Radio, is cost effective advertising, with rates being competitive for the audience size of the station. As the stations audience grows the rates increase, while this is also true with TV, other forms of advertising don’t work on the same scale. Take print, they have hard costs associated with production, however as readership declines, rates aren’t cut as drastically as they must cover these expenses. Outdoor works in a similar manner. They have the cost of the lighting, taxes, leases, local permits, county assessments and maintenance fees. If the amount of traffic declines the hard costs stay the same, so the amount of discount available is not as great. However, if radio sees month over month declines, they are able to adjust to the changes in the market immediately and change formats, promotions or personalities to increase their market share. TV is under a broadcast schedule, generally dictated by long term syndicated program contracts or the network’s national broadcast programming. While a TV show may do well in many markets it does not mean it will perform the same in all. In recent years, we have witnessed local broadcasters, refusing to accept or air certain programs due to market reactions. These broadcasters lost potential revenue and viewership plus the chance to create a quality campaign. Even if the broadcaster, refuses airing of the network programs, the harm and views from the local community can be detrimental towards all broadcast programs for that local station.


Radio on the other hand, is given a pass and for many controversial programs, the listenership will  actually increase, as many people will tune in to hear what is said next. These types of stations, are generally, not held to the same broadcast standard by the listening public as TV. Think of Howard Stern and his radio program, it was estimated that about 30% of his weekly audience tuned in just to hear what he would say or do next. They knew he would be in trouble at some point and they wanted to be the first to know. Also programs, like these, offer local banter for co-workers and friends as they discuss what was said that day or week.


In closing, radio offers you the opportunity to reach a large mobile audience who are engaged with the program and station. If you need help advertising on radio call us 877-510-1007


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