Why Hire An Advertising Agency

Why You Need An Advertising Agency!

Have you ever given consideration to why you need an advertising agency? There could be a few reasons why you would think that you should not hire an agency. Maybe you think you can’t afford one, maybe it is that you have a clear direction you want to go with advertising, maybe you think you have the perfect creative campaign or one of many other reasons. However, consider most of the Fortune 500 companies. All of them have an in house marketing department, a marketing director and various people who work under them. However, they still go outside of their company and hire an advertising agency to assist them with creative campaigns, marketing strategies, media rates and negotiations. Ford Motor Company uses WPP, Nissan uses Omnicom, Carnival Cruise Lines uses¬†Figliulo & Partners for global media, even Nike uses The Program. So if these major companies are hiring an advertising agency shouldn’t your business?


An Advertising Agency can assist with:

  • Advertising and Marketing Plan
  • Graphic Design, Copywriting and Printing
  • Media Purchasing
  • Web Marketing
  • Tracking Results
  • Creating an advertise on the basis of information gathered about product
  • Doing research on the company and the product and reactions of the customers.
  • Planning for type of media to be used, when and where to be used, and for how much time to be used.
  • Taking the feedbacks from the clients as well as the customers and then deciding the further line of action


Companies can do all of this work by themselves.

They can create their own ads, advertise on television or other forms of media and they can manage their accounts also.

So why do companies hire advertising agencies?

The reasons behind hiring an advertising agency:

  • Agencies are expert in thier field
  • They have a team of different people for different functions
  • Agencies make optimum use of their people, their experience and their knowledge
  • Agencies work with an objective and are professionals
  • Hiring an agency helps in saving costs

There are basically¬ 5 types of advertising agencies.

  1. Full service Agencies (Buy Ads Direct)

    • Large size agencies.
    • Deals with all stages of advertisement.
    • Different expert people for different departments.
    • Starts work from gathering data and analyzing and ends on payment of bills to the media people.
  2. Interactive Agencies (Buy Ads Direct)

    • Modernized modes of communication are used.
    • Uses online advertisements, sending personal messages on mobile phones, etc.
    • The ads produced are interactive
    • New concepts
    • Innovative.
  3. Creative Boutiques

    • Creative ad campaigns
    • Innovative ads.
    • No other function is performed other than creating actual ads.
    • Small sized agencies with copywriters, directors, and creative people.
  4. Media Buying Agencies (Buy Ads Direct)

    • Buys place for advertisement
    • Sells media to the advertiser
    • Sells time in which advertisement will be placed
    • Schedules slots at different television channels, outdoor companies, print companies and radio stations
    • Supervises or checks whether the ad has been broadcasted or displayed at time specified
    • Checks if Ad Aired, Displayed or was not aired
    • Provides Log Reports for Pre and Post Airing
  5. In-House Agencies

    • As good as the full service agencies.
    • Big organization prefers these type of agencies which are in built and work only for them.
    • These agencies work as per the requirements of the organizations.

Buy Ads Direct performs the roles of a full service agency, interactive agency and media buyer. As a customer of Buy Ads Direct, there is no additional fee for media placement. Customers receive reduced fees on production and creative when our production facilities are used. In many cases, the fee for creative and other services are waved, with a minimum commitment for advertising.

A business can expect to receive reduced marketing expenses for many advertisements placed through Buy Ads Direct for our media partners. These reductions, allow for savings and help to offset any creative fees charged. This results in assistance with marketing for the business; generally without any additional expenses.

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